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Thomas D. Dee II Graduate Fellowship

Screen shot of "Geography of the Post," part of Cameron Blevins' history dissertation work in 2014-15

Screen shot of "Geography of the Post," part of Cameron Blevins' history dissertation work in 2014-15

The Thomas D. Dee II Graduate Fellowship offers one year of support for a student from Stanford's School of Humanities & Sciences conducting dissertation research on the North American West. Preference will be given to a student who will be in residence in the Stanford area during the fellowship year and who will complete the PhD no later than summer quarter 2022.

Thomas D. Dee II Fellows

Charlotte S. Hull (2020-21)

Rachel Heise Bolten (2020-21)

Cameron deHart (2019-20)

Maria McVarish (2018-19)

Natalie Pellolio (2017-18)
Julia Payson (2016-17)
Natalie Johnson (2015-16)
Cameron Blevins (2014-15)
Andrew Robichaud (2013-14)
Kathryne Young (2012-13)

The Bill Lane Center for the American West is dedicated to advancing scholarly understanding of western North America. The center’s vision of the West extends from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, from western Canada to all of Mexico, and outward to the Pacific World.

The fellowship provides TGR fees and a living stipend, both for three quarters. The amount of the living stipend will be determined in accordance with university policy.


  • Students in the School of Humanities and Sciences writing dissertations about the North American West
  • At time of application, student must have (1) a formally-composed dissertation committee in Axess; and (2) a dissertation prospectus approved by committee
  • By start of fellowship, (1) all required course work must be completed, including any incompletes; (2) student must be at TGR status
  • During the 2021-22 academic year, student must (1) be enrolled all three quarters; and (2) not hold any teaching duties, research assistantships, or other employment, except as approved by the Bill Lane Center for the American West


To Apply

To guarantee consideration, applications must be received by the Center by March 31, 2021. Complete applications will include the materials listed below. Please put your name and SUID on all materials.

  • Application Cover Page
  • Statement of research (1,000 word max)
  • Timeline to degree (1 page max)
  • CV
  • Unofficial graduate transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation

Please email your application to Iris Hui ( as a single PDF document (i.e. print your documents, order them as above, and then scan them all together into a single file), with the email subject line "Application for T. D. Dee II Fellowship." 

Letters of recommendation may be emailed separately.

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