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Environment and Energy

In the face of climate change and widespread drought conditions, the Center is committed to studying water and energy issues and supporting far-reaching sustainability solutions.  We support research efforts by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. 

Water in the West

In partnership with the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, this initiative focuses on understanding and conserving the West's most precious resource.

California Coastal Commission Project

An interdisciplinary collaborative that explores the history, operation, policies, and impact of the Commission. It has two main components: to uncover the history of the Commission and how it changed over time; and empirical analysis of the Commission's record.

Environmental Governance

Policies enacted at the local and state level can have a measurable impact on environmental action. The Center strives to understand the regulatory framework and decision-making process of these governing bodies. 

The Knight-Risser Prize & Symposium

An annual award recognizing excellence in reporting on environmental issues in the North American West — from Canada through the United States to Mexico.


US-Mexico Collaboration

The Center is committed to cross-border collaboration to address the energy and environmental problems of the 21st century. 

EcoWest Data Visualizations

The collaborative project EcoWest visualizations seeks to take the best available data on environmental conditions and present them in a regularly updated, shareable, and interactive format.