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Summer researcher Lila Mack researched the best practices for effectively engaging Latinx communities during crises.

December 7, 2020 | Video
Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt
The second-half of a program on Jennifer Eberhardt's book, "Biased." Prof. Eberhardt is joined in conversation by Ralph Richard Banks and Ed Shikada.

Alex Evers, B.S. Earth Systems '22, Prateek Joshi, M.S. Civil/Environmental Engineering '21
Alex Evers and Prateek Joshi further develop their summer internship project on wildfire data collection with the Western Interstate Energy Board.

Watch the video of the conversation on "Hostile Terrain 94," a new exhibit at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University.

Elisabeth R. Gerber
A new paper considers the role of personal experiences in lessening the degree of polarization on how partisans think about and prioritize climate adaptation.

Dennis Berens
This paper argues that there is a need for a renaissance in rural America, and outlines considerations for moving forward from poverty/illness to prosperity/health.

Nathan Lee, Matthew Kugler, Mariana Oliver
A national survey of local government officials yields findings on the prevalence of local protests against COVID-19 restrictions.

Dennis Berens
Phil Polakoff and Dennis Berens discuss the need to support rural America with better health care.

Richard White, Jesse Amble White
Richard White, co-founding director of the Bill Lane Center, and his son, documentary photographer Jesse Amble White, stop by the Lane Center to talk about their new book, "California Exposures."

October 4, 2020 | Article
Dennis Berens
Dr. Phil Polakoff and Dennis Berens write about the need to build a healthier America, and especially rural America.

David M. Kennedy presents a talk to the Stanford Alumni Association about the history of the American Presidency.

September 28, 2020 | Video
Lukas Felzmann shares his journey to photograph each of California’s 58 counties, including the Golden States’ farthest cardinal points.

Dr. Robert Siegel stops by the Lane Center to share a personal history with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anne Maureen Driscoll
This paper explores how people recall wildfire experiences, and how these experiences affect their policy views.

Dennis Berens
This document proposes a framework to foster sustainable, resilient innovation and change with identified, supported and targeted initiatives leading to positive results.

August 31, 2020 | Video
Author Richard Rothstein joined the Lane Center to speak about his book "The Color of Law".

August 21, 2020 | Presentation
Joyce Tagal
Summer researcher Joyce Tagal presented to Mid-Peninsula city managers on police reform.

Rural Broadband thought leaders discuss the landscape and pressing issues related to the space.

Indraneel G. Kasmalkar, Katherine A. Serafin, Yufei Miao, I. Avery Bick, Leonard Ortolano, Derek Ouyang, Jenny Suckale
A new paper examines the impacts of flood-related traffic disruption in the Bay Area.

Dennis Berens
This in-depth Healthier Rural America Policy Position Paper proposes a framework to foster sustainable, resilient innovation and change with identified, supported and targeted actions leading to positive results.


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