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Beyond The Burn: How New Technologies Can Grow the Use of Prescribed Burns, Creating Better Land Outcomes, Peace of Mind, and New Markets

November 2023
Lucy Reading
Jake Harris

This year has seen wildfires wreaking devastation in Maui, Canada, and Europe, with 60 million acres burned and 335 megatonnes of carbon emissions released in Canada alone. Building off previous work on a Forests of Innovation white paper and drawing on insights from its wildfire portfolio, Double Bottom Line Venture Capital is publishing Beyond the Burn, a new paper looking at one vital tool against catastrophic wildfires: prescribed burns. As we witness the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires, prescribed burns are a crucial method for mitigating the risks and impacts of uncontrolled fires. This paper, co-authored by Bill Lane Center Advisory Council Member Nancy Pfund, delves into the cutting-edge technologies and innovations that can help us harness this climate solution safely and at scale.