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A team at Stanford created an interactive website to shed light on the money the federal government has paid to counties and states in the American West over time in turn for controlling parts of their lands.
Nov 29 2016 | ... & the West Blog
For decades, landowners were free to pump water from under their land at will. Now a landmark 2014 law sets up new bosses to call the shots on who gets groundwater, when and how much. And it is maps that will influence how the competition for control evolves.
Nov 15 2016 | ... & the West Blog
After months of anticipation, the Obama Administration has designated 1.3 million acres of southeastern Utah as the Bears Ears National Monument. The decision, announced 22 days before the end of the administration, has been met with praise and criticism. Here, we present several perspectives on this momentous decision.
Nov 15 2016 | ... & the West Blog
The tribally led Bears Ears National Monument proposal presents an historic opportunity for President Obama to fulfill his legacy of honoring our nation’s incredible diversity through conservation of public lands. In the process, Bears Ears may have something profound to teach all Americans about healing through listening.
Nov 15 2016 | ... & the West Blog
The Bears Ears region, home to some of our nation's earliest antiquities, can open the eyes of people who want to learn about a past that is older than what is usually taught, and if protected, can help create a more informed national citizenry.
Nov 15 2016 | ... & the West Blog
I cherish it beyond words, and my entire adult life has been devoted to trying to get people to appreciate and protect it. It has therefore come as a small disappointment to the promoters of a Bears Ears National Monument designation that I have not climbed on board their crusade.
Nov 15 2016 | ... & the West Blog
Massive tracts of land being declared National Monuments violates the very Antiquities Act used to enact them as they are to be "confined to the smallest area compatible with proper care and management of the objects to be protected." What object is being protected that requires a landmass larger than Delaware to protect it?


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