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Life with the Glacier Conservancy

Lucia Quintanar
Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

Major: Product Design ‘25

Internship: Glacier National Park Conservancy

Intern Lucia Quintanar’s adventures this summer

So far, my work at the Glacier National Park Conservancy has involved translating website pages, helping the Conservancy come up with ways we can make Glacier more inclusive, drafting social media posts, visiting the conservation projects we fund, and exploring the park! Here is a blog post about a project visit I was part of.  At the office, I have felt the collective sense of pride for the work that is being done here, and have also seen how the team celebrates each other for their effort and accomplishments no matter how big or small. I think that I will leave with high standards for what I want my future career’s work environment to look and feel like.

Outside of the office, I go home to 11 housemates who are all here for the season and run the retail stores of the Conservancy. Our ages range from 20-25 and we come from homes spread all over the country. This living situation has definitely been one of the highlights of my experience. By living with so many people, I have had the opportunity to make friends with all of them. Being one of the youngest in the house has been a special position for me, as I have learned about my housemates' lives and what they have done post-college. I have also gotten to talk to some of them about their life philosophies and their future goals. I know that I’ll take these interactions with me, as they have widened my perspective of what is possible for my future. 

My service in the American West and outdoor education has further confirmed for me how fulfilling this work is. Although I am only an intern here, I have been able to interact with professionals who have made service their career and have called it one of their best decisions and greatest privileges. I am still young, but it brings me comfort knowing that a career in the field of outdoor education/outdoor equity could be something that would make me really happy to be a part of.

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