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Center News and Notes

Jul 15 2020 | Stanford News | Center News
Federal regulators have moved to delay assessment and action on chemicals that could contaminate drinking water. Richard Luthy explains how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and individual states approach waterborne threats.
Jul 13 2020 | Out West student blog
David Ludeke becomes familiar with the ecology of his backyard.
For rural Westerners with poor access to health care, telemedicine might be the answer
Jul 10 2020 | CNN | Topics of the West
"Racism affects our nation's soldiers by weakening unit cohesion and, ultimately, is self-defeating."
Jul 10 2020 | Out West student blog
Zora Ilunga-Reed checks into her internship from across the country.
Claudia Kania uses data to better understand state legislative bodies.
The Dakota Access Pipeline must close while a detailed environmental review is completed; the frequency of southwestern dust storms has doubled; in Albuquerque, the Rio Grande’s flow is historically low; PG&E emerges from bankruptcy, and other environmental news from around the West.


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