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Center News and Notes

Washington State eyes a new dam project; Mount St. Helens offers clues to future eruptions; Oregon enters wildfire season flat-footed; western Federal judges push back on energy agenda; and other environmental reads from around the West.
Hannah Kelley discusses the impacts of COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation.
Jun 1 2020 | Stanford News | Center News
Desalination – the conversion of saltwater to freshwater – has been limited by high operational costs. A new device capable of turning desalination waste into commercially valuable chemicals could make the process cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
Alaska prepares for the next megatsunami; firefighters struggle to follow coronavirus guidelines; wild horses run amok; and more news from across the West.
Contributing authors to a new book on World War II and the West Zoomed in to the Lane Center for a virtual panel discussion
May 19 2020 | Out West student blog
A student reflects on nature writing, remote learning, and the healing powers of the wilderness in a pandemic
Global carbon dioxide emissions are down dramatically in the wake of COVID-19. A new study pinpoints where energy demand has dropped the most, estimates the impact on annual emissions and points the way to a less polluted future.


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