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Watch Carol McKibben's Lane Center virtual talk on Cannery Row
The current Supreme Court’s first major water war looms; bioluminescent waves greet California beach-goers; "murder hornets" invade the West; the toxic legacy of nuclear testing stalks Indigenous communities; and more environmental news from around the West.
What's life really like in Teton County, Wyoming? Justin Farrell, author of "Billionaire Wilderness," explores in this virtual book talk.
We need collaborative leadership to create a healthier rural America.
Apr 29 2020 | Stanford News | Center News
With the U.S. anticipating an economic downturn not seen since the Great Depression, historian David M. Kennedy reflects on how that calamitous event was a watershed moment in U.S. history and transformed American institutions.
Bill Lane Center Co-Founder, David Kennedy, has published a new book on World War II and the American West
Apr 28 2020 | Lawfare | Center News, Happenings
David Kennedy and Karl Eikenberry draw parallels between the COVID-19 pandemic and wartimes.


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