Dian Grueneich

Affiliated Scholar
BA, Human Biology, Stanford University, 1974
JD, Georgetown Law Center, 1977
Dian Grueneich

Dian Grueneich is a nationally and internationally recognized energy and regulatory policy expert. Dian began her career in the late 1970’s and helped developed the first-ever clean energy policies and programs. Dian served as a Commissioner on the California Public Utilities Commission from 2005-2010, leading its efforts on energy efficiency, transmission planning and permitting, and Western energy issues.

Between 2014-2018, Dian joined Stanford as a senior research scholar, focusing the university's engagement on state and regional energy policy issues. Dian and Bruce Cain spearheaded development of the Stanford Energy Internships in California and the West (SEICW), a partnership of the Precourt Institute for Energy, Bill Lane Center for the American West, Haas Center for Public Service, and Stanford in Government, and taught the accompanying course, "Energy Policy in California & The West."   Currently, Dian is leading development of a new taped lecture lecture series for Stanford, “Energy in California and the West”.