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Timothy Egan: When the Geography of Hope Became an Engine of War

Conference Keynote
World War II and the West It Wrought
May 15, 2017

A keynote address opening the conference "World War II and the West It Wrought" at Stanford University. The author and New York Times columnist Timothy Egan spoke about the role the war played in shaping the contemporary American West.

Held May 3, 2017 at Stanford University

Select a Topic or Question

  •   Introduction (00:01) cue video    
  •   Taking the West's Development for Granted (01:54) cue video    
  •   T. Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot’s Public Land Legacy (03:19) cue video    
  •   The Geography of Hope and What WWII Did to It (04:50) cue video    
  •   Far from Slaughter, the War is Transformative (05:57) cue video    
  •   Pre-war, a “Planned Promised Land” Along Columbia (08:02) cue video    
  •   Dams Powered Arms Production (12:34) cue video    
  •   Tragedy on the Columbia Leads to Portland Integration (13:27) cue video    
  •   Chainsaws Redraw the Northwest (14:42) cue video    
  •   Bombing Ranges and Boom Towns in the Southwest (18:32) cue video    
  •   Women and Nonwhites Enter Manufacturing (20:39) cue video    
  •   Drawing Mexicans to the Great Plains (24:02) cue video    
  •   Native American Role is Redefined (24:42) cue video    
  •   Growing Cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle (28:09) cue video    
  •   Forcible Removals of Japanese – and Italians (29:34) cue video    
  •   “Carrying the Baton” of WWII Memory (32:52) cue video    
  •   “Geography of Hope” Conscripted for War Effort (33:37) cue video    
  •   What Would the West Be Like Without WWII? (36:50) cue video    
  •   Question: Role of Hispanics? (38:09) cue video    
  •   Question: Effect of Nuclear Age on West? (39:26) cue video    
  •   Question: WWII’s Effect on Native Americans? (41:21) cue video    
  •   Question: Japanese-American Draftees? (45:11) cue video    
  •   Question: Effect on West of Cold War Transition? (47:36) cue video