Kate Gibson discusses all things Bill Lane Center on KZSU: Who are we, what do we do, who do we serve?

Inside a radio recording studio, a radio host conducts an interview with Bill Lane Center Associate Director Kate Gibson
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On Friday, Feb. 16 at 8:00 a.m., Bill Lane Center Associate Director Kate Gibson joined Jon Cousins on KZSU's "The Great British Breakfast," a morning show featuring interviews with various accomplished members of the Stanford community. 

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What is the Bill Lane Center? What programs can students find there? What topics are Lane Center scholars researching? And who was Bill Lane? Learn more from Gibson as she chats with Jon Cousins on the air from the KZSU studios. While Stanford students can't "major" in the West, the Center offers myriad opportunities to explore the unique topography, geography, climate, politics, history, arts, and culture of the region. Undergraduates, in particular, are drawn to the many research, internship and course study options the Lane Center provides.  Gibson explores all of this, and more.


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